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Welcome to the statistics of FlyCraft Network, here you will find everything you want to know on your players and favorites servers! So what are you waiting for? Make a research with the field on the right (below if your are on a mobile phone)

Where is 1910 registered player whose 1 are actually online! Why not join them? Connect on ;)
You prefer talk with us on discord? That's good we are 7 online players

You don't know on which server to play? Do not panic where is 3 serves whose 1 online, everything is available in the compass on the lobby!
You want to come back to the lobby? No problme! Type /flycraft int the tchat and "POUF"! Your are on the lobby!

You have a server and you want to join? Nothing more simple go to the section "Nous rejoindre" on our website and it is free!

Good game!

The army of FlyCraft Network

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